Winter Field Day 2024 🗺

Winter Field Day Saturday January 27 and Sunday January 28th: Club members in attendance for the event were Andy Joinindes, KD2VSJ, Peter Rutlin, KD2WHB, Doug Jacobs, KD2TJW, Dick Trowbridge, N2YIB, Gary Utz, KE2YK, Gene Schroer, KC2ZQL and Bill Wilkinson, N2WMF.

Members gathered for antenna setups Saturday morning with an on the air start time of 14:00. Operating hours were Saturday from 14:00 to 21:30 and Sunday from 8:00 to 14:00.

Doug brought 2 portable towers to use with the 40-meter dipole setup, Dick brought his Diamond vertical antenna and the club’s station antenna rounded out the 3rd antenna system utilized during the event.

Bill showed up on Saturday with his analyzer which helped tune the 40-meter dipole. Three stations were active on HF and were manned by Andy, Bill, Peter and Dick at various times. A total of 116 contacts were made over the 2-day period. The club supplied snacks, drinks, breakfast items and pizza.

Gary will proof the log and upload the W2AMC log to the Winter Field Day organization.

Overall, most of the goals of the operation were met. Having the availability of the Custer for the event and the member participation made Winter Field Day 2024 a memorable success.

Custer Institute and Observatory Southold NY Map

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