Winlink…sending email with ham radio… PARC did it!

KE2YK and N3JWM sent email over radio using W2AMC station equipment Tuesday from Custer Observatory. (On 40m through a gateway in Michigan.)

This was done in preparation for PARC’s participation in Winter Field Day this coming Satuday and Sunday. 

Many other modes on multiple stations will be in action. Come on out to Southold and join the fun!

Here are excerpts from an short article describing Winlink and how it’s useful for emergency communications:


Winlink: sending email with ham radio!

If you’re interested in assisting with message delivery on the Winlink system, go to and find out what you’ll need. The actual signup is through the client program that you will use on your computer. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and even on Android phones. By the way, only licensed hams are allowed to register for the Winlink system.

The Winlink system has proven highly reliable over the years. Winlink uses a worldwide system that can be used nearly anywhere in the world. By connecting an HF, VHF, or UHF radio to a computer with dedicated software and a modem interface, Winlink email messages can be sent throughout the system for endpoint delivery. 

There are common-sense rules on the use of Winlink over amateur frequencies. Of course, you can’t encrypt messages or send business or obscene messages. 

But don’t let that stop you because WInlink will let you offer a service to your community when all systems fail. When the internet is down, you will be able to step in and provide a valuable service by passing emergency and priority emails for agencies in need.

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