PARC Winter Field Day Event – 1/27-1/28

Hello, Fellow PARC members,

Here we go! Are you ready?

Here it comes – Winter Field Day! It’s an opportunity to challenge our abilities to mobilize and get our station(s) on the air during trying times – the cold of winter. It’s weather like this when, if it can go wrong, it does!

Winter Field Day starts at 2 PM on Saturday, January 27, and runs through to 2 PM on Sunday, January 28. The particulars are in the Winter Field Day – 2024 WFDA Rules Packet V. 10.04.23 (

The rules are relatively easy to understand.

The Peconic Amateur Radio Club’s members have rarely had a chance to work in the cold of winter or in very challenging times. But here’s an event where we can show we are ready and able to quickly respond to an emergency and have a good time doing it. Our participation in this Winter Field Day will show we’ve got the moxie and the teamwork to move emergency traffic during uncomfortably cold weather.

We’re lucky. Our station, W2AMC, is housed in the Custer Institute and Observatory – a heated building with nearly all the creature comforts in our home. And that will be where we’ll run our Winter Field Day.

Come and join me at Custer on Saturday, January 20th, at 10:30  AM or Tuesday, January 23, from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM to help assemble our action plan. I want to be able to have a preview at Custer on Saturday at noon and then begin working the event at 2 PM. I’d like us to work for six hours – from 2 PM to about 8 PM on Saturday and resume operations for another 8 to 9 hours from 7 AM to 2 PM on Sunday. 

The Club’s HF and 2 M/70 cm rigs will be the primary stations – because they’re connected to antennas. Repeaters and FT8 cannot be used in this event. Some might like to bring and operate their “Shack in a Box” or QRP rigs. And, if you’re mobile – that’ll work too. So, if we plan it right, rigs will be available. If you do not have a portable rig but want to work this Winter Field Day, you’ll be best served if you reserve a spot on the Club’s radio or join up with one of us who is bringing our rig.  

So, if you’re willing and able to be in the game, let’s plan how we will do this. Meet me at 10:30 on Saturday, January 20, or Tuesday, January 23, at Custer. Call or email me to let me know if this works for you.

Let’s get on the record and show the Winter Field Day Committee and our community that the Peconic Amateur Radio Club’s members are ready and capable of getting the job done, even when the weather is cold and miserable.

73 de Dick N2YIB Email President Peconic Amateur Radio Club

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