Local Frequencies

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Frequency and OffsetPLDescription
146.820 –136.5Peconic Amateur Radio Club, Middle Island, NY
145.330 –136.5Grumman Amateur Radio Club, Hauppauge,  NY Suff. Cty. ARES home repeater, weekly ARES Net, 9:00 pm Mondays.
147.030 +107.2Shelter Island Amateur Radio Club, Shelter Island, NY Shelter Island ARES repeater, Southold ARES backup.
147.195 +136.5Eastern Amateur Radio Service, Southampton, NY Southampton ARES home repeater.
145.270 –136.5East Hampton Town ARES, Montauk, NY Easthampton ARES home repeater.  Good reception on the North Fork.
145.310 –118.8Suffolk County Police Amateur Radio Club, Farmingville, NY Some Skywarn and Civil Air Patrol stuff.
145.370 –136.5Ex-LILCO Amateur Radio Club N2NFI, Rock Hill, Manorville, NY Riverhead ARES home repeater.
145.210 – 136.5Radio Central Amateur Radio Club, Yaphank, NY Brookhaven Town ARES home repeater.
440.050+107.2Peconic Amateur Radio Club, Greenport, NY Southold Town ARES home repeater, Shelter Island backup.
449.975-94.8Peconic Amateur Radio Club (DMR & Analog) Peconic, NY
147.45136.5SIMPLEX, Southold ARES
146.52SIMPLEX, National VHF Calling Frequency  Monitor/listen on the hour and half hour in wilderness areas for distress calls.
147.42SIMPLEX, National Red Cross Frequency
147.575SIMPLEX, South Fork talk-around frequency, lots of rag chewing.
446SIMPLEX, National UHF Calling Frequency

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