Hurricane Names – 2023

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“This year, meteorologists have improved storm surge predictions to give people extra time to evacuate and expanded tropical weather outlooks from five days to seven.

Here are the 21 storm names of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season — with the NHC’s official pronunciations.

Arlene (ar-LEEN), Bret (bret), Cindy (SIN-dee), Don (dahn), Emily (EH-mih-lee), Franklin (FRANK-lin), Gert (gert), Harold (HAIR-uld), Idalia (ee-DAL-ya), Jose (ho-ZAY), Katia (KAH-tyah), Lee (lee), Margot (MAR-go), Nigel (NY-juhl), Ophelia (o-FEEL-ya), Philippe (fee-LEEP), Rina (REE-nuh), Sean (shawn), Tammy (TAM-ee), Vince (vinss), Whitney (WHIT-nee)

Hurricane tidbits: storm names alternate between male and female and are reused every six years unless a storm is particularly deadly or destructive (then its name is retired). There are no storms that start with Q, U, X, Y or Z because of a lack of usable names.”

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