Bill N2WMF’s Outstanding Parks on the Air (POTA) Report

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My POTA Report:

In the dynamic world of amateur radio enthusiasts, October 2023 witnessed significant developments for Park on the Air (POTA) participants worldwide. From increased park activations to a flourishing global network, the month was marked by milestones and community engagement.

Throughout the month, Orient Beach State Park and Hallock State Park saw fairly consistent activity, with 13 and 4 activations, respectively. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with PARC’s planned activation.

In a testament to the program’s expanding reach, POTA has now established a presence in 105 countries, fostering a global community of radio enthusiasts with a shared passion for nature and communication.

Moreover, the United States experienced a surge in POTA participation, with over 660 new parks added to the program’s roster during the month. This expansion emphasized the growing interest and dedication of individuals across the country in contributing to the POTA initiative.

POTA enthusiasts are also now encouraged to nominate new parks, wildlife preserves, and sites on the national historic registry for potential inclusion in the program. As far as I can tell, Horton’s Point Lighthouse is the only landmark on the North Fork that would be eligible to be added under the new rules. I’ll be contacting the POTA mapping team to see if we can have the lighthouse added. The complete list of requirements can be found on POTA’s web site.

However, the month was not without its challenges. Daily database maintenance has led to a temporary delay in the processing of uploaded logs. Despite this, the dedicated efforts of the database team ensured that all logs were processed within 24 hours, underscoring the team’s commitment to providing a seamless experience for all POTA participants.

On the technical front, 10-meter activities witnessed a surge in participation, opening up opportunities for even Tech-level operators to engage in the excitement. With all modes, including FM and AM, experiencing daily activity, the airwaves were abuzz with energy and connectivity.

The successful ‘Support Your Parks’ event held on October 21st and 22nd emerged as a highlight, demonstrating the unwavering support and enthusiasm of the POTA community. Looking ahead, the next ‘Support Your Parks’ weekend is scheduled for the 3rd full weekend in January, promising another opportunity for passionate individuals to contribute to the preservation and celebration of natural beauty and historical significance.

As POTA continues to evolve and expand its reach, the program remains a beacon of connection, fostering a global network of individuals united by their love for radio communication and the great outdoors.





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